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When you or someone your close to are in prison it is often a difficult and challenging time for everyone involved, which is why it is important to have the correct expert prison law advice on hand, to ensure your legal rights are protected at all times.

Ask a family member to contact us if you are unable to and are under lockdown. Ex-offender with ten years first hand experience of HMP and the judicial system.

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First hand experience of HMP & the judicial system.

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For immediate representation & advice, contact Prison Law Advocate LTD on Phone Number: 07985592340 we provide you with the urgent assistance you need 24 hours a day!

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

We Specialise In

Sentence Planning & Oasys

Sentences of 12 months+ will receive a sentence plan via the Offender Assessment System.

Categorisation, re-Categorisation & Allocation

Determining living conditions & allocation possibilities.

Incentives Earned Privileges

A status based upon their behaviour. This called your Incentive & Earned Privileges.


The legal process by which an arbiter or judge reviews evidence & argumentation.

Licence Conditions

Help & Advice regarding Licence Conditions on release, know & protect your rights.

Judicial Review

A Judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body.

Professional & Experienced UK Prison Law Advice

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"would like to say thanks to prison law advocate for all the hard work and support i was given during my time inside, thank you"
Cat B Prisoner
"An essential service for anyone currently in or facing prison. The advice, help and feeling on someone being on your side is priceless"
Terry F.